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Q.  What is water polo?

Below is a link to a video on YouTube.

Stick around and watch a couple of videos after this one too (they appear at the end of the video).

You'll soon get the idea that it is a great all-round sport.

You can also read about Water Polo on Wikipedia

Q.  Is water polo really a sport for boys and girls?

Yes, Water polo is especially a great sport for both boys and girls.  Calgary Water Polo Games are at age appropriate levels, and players develop quite a few skills, including swimming, team play and strategy, ball handling.  Not to mention its oe of the best low impact sports for building endurance, strength, cardiovascular fitness and speed.

Q.  What about girls specifically?

Some of Calgary's finest water polo athletes are girls and women, and Calgary is well represented on the National Women's teams as well as having sent quite a number of girls on scholarships to US universities.  You'll never know if it suits you unless you try. Check out the story of Waneek Horn-Miller.

Check out some of the other links on this site:

Q.  What about boys specifically?

Calgary is fortunate to be the home of the greatest water polo players in Canada - our Men's Olympic National Team, who sometimes act as our coaches and are always there are role models.

Water polo is a great indoor/outdoor sport and is played year round.  Most of of high-performance teams make it to southern climes annually.  Here is what outdoor water polo looks like.

Q.  Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

Maybe.  Depends.

There's room for strong swimmers and developing swimmers alike.  It depends on the program.  Your coaches will help match you to the right program.  However, it goes without saying that the stronger you are at swimming, the better your level of play at water polo.

One thing is for certain, no matter what level of swimming you come in at, you are going to improve and learn new skills in the water.

Q.  What other skills do I need?

In a nutshell, it's got the team dynamics of hockey , the tactics of basketball, the play-making of soccer and the contact of rugby.  As well, baseball players often settle into the sport well because of their strong throwing arms.

Q.  What makes water polo a good / great sport?

Go to the page called "Calgary - a great place for water polo" which lists many of the top reasons why water polo is the ideal sport in Calgary.

Q.  Is water polo a good value for the money?

We think it's excellent value the money, and gives some unique opportunities

  • Firstly, our fees are comparable or lower than other team sports
  • We provide valuable life-skills training, such as swimming
  • Our main coaches are recognized on the world scene.
  • Few other clubs can demonstrate as many athletes that have gone on to US schools on scholarships or National Teams

Q.  Is there financial help available?

There are 3 common areas:

  1. Kidsport provides financial assistance to qualifying families
  2. Canadian Tire has a Foundation that provides assistance
  3. Alberta Water Polo Association provides financial assistance grants to families as well.

Q.  What do you do with the horses in water?

Ha ha ha.  There are no horses in water polo.  The following video is not water polo.

Q.  Where do I register?

If you're looking for a program for kids & youth, go to the pages under "Competitive Clubs"

If you're looking for a program for adults, go to the pages called "Masters"

If you're really really lost, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

More reasons to join water polo or any water sport:

(From 2008 World Masters Championships for water sport in Perth Australia)

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